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Bitsa this!  Bitsa that!

Put them all together, and what have you got?

Bitsa this, bitsa that

Bitsa this, bitsa that

Bits and pieces, bits and bobs,

Put them all together, what a wonderful job!

A great theme tune for a great program. Good children’s TV, before they made everything all colourful on SMart, which featured liberal use of a glue gun, and all sorts of day-to-day object to make things out of wood and cardboard.

I don’t know of anyone who actually made any of these things, unlike the Tracy Island which Blue Peter did, but the program was a success in my view nonetheless. You should always get a parent to supervise when using a glue gun… it would help if we had a gluegun!

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  1. 18yrs ago my primary school was involved in bitsa. I have wonderful memories (including photos) of being in carrickfergus castle, dressed up in our homemade armour filming for the show. Its a shame kids programmes today aren’t the same as this. It was definitely part of my childhood i will never forget.

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