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Tamagotchis came around in the mid-90’s as the alternative to actually owning a pet, for children it was very exciting period and these were all the rage in a time when digital was relatively unknown.

They weren’t popular for long, like most things in the 90’s they were swept along on a wave of new fashions, but along with yoyos and tazos they certainly left their mark.

At the time, for a child they were pretty expensive, at around £10 but if you were a kid, you had to have one!

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  1. Yes, we all had one of these things, which seem pretty old fashioned compared to the smart phones we carry around today, but it was all we had, back then, to keep us occupied.

    If anyone has a decent photo of one, feel free to let us use it!

    Just put a link to the image file up here, as a comment.

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