Loving Nostalgia

I, myself, loves nostalgia personally and I don’t really mind if it gives bittersweet feelings or heart wrenching pain. Ever since I was a kid, I have been an adventurous child who wants to explore, learn and leave memories while experiencing a lot of new things. Growing up like that, it was normal to go to a lot of places, meet a lot of people and create memories all the time. However, I cannot stay at these places forever, and I cannot be with these people forever.

There are times when you must leave a place and leave a person behind and not to mention that they can do it as well. Living with this kind of cycle, I still grew to accept those facts and just treasure the memories I created. Being the adventurous person I was, I knew I had to cope up with these feelings. That delight when meeting someone new, the warm feeling when you grew fond of them and the wrenching pain when you have to depart once again.

However, I did not take it as something I should be afraid about or be something that makes me quit what I love to do. Instead, I tried to remember and I did my best not to forget. Every single moment passing by are for me always special. Whenever I suddenly feel nostalgic, even if it pains me, I loved it. I always love the feeling of a sudden wave of memory and the warm and fuzzy feeling inside me.

Nostalgia might give a lot of good or bad memories but still, I managed to love the vibes and feelings it gives. I didn’t know why, but I do. Until, now I really do. I often listen to songs that brings back memories from the past I created. I go back to places I went before and let nostalgia take over my heart and mind.