Where can I see the nostalgic songs you post here in your website?

The songs can be seen at the playlist portion of this website. You can find that by going to our home and clicking the ‘nostalgic songs’ section. It is easy to find and we hope you see them as soon as possible.

Do the places you post trigger nostalgia in anyone or is it common for people to feel nostalgic when they visit specific places?

There are some place that can be nostalgic for us, however, there are these places that really affects everyone and lets them remember things from the past along with warm and different feelings. These said places trigger such nostalgic memories probably because of their beautiful views, classical environment or other things. To know more about what triggers nostalgia, we suggest you read our articles and other blogs.

Can I find the location of the places you often mention in your posts?

Yes, we do include the locations of these places and they are free to view anytime. Visit the post and see the location if there are places included. Many people tried going to the places we often mention to see if they can really trigger nostalgia. Some felt nostalgic and some didn’t. Maybe it’s because we have different emotions and feelings and maybe it’s also because of our different expectations.

Can sentimental things and valuable stuff also trigger nostalgia?

Yes, like what we said, not only songs can bring back such old memories but these places, things and even the weather can suddenly bring back waves of memories. Funny but it’s true as long as they are memorable and leaves a deep impression to us. People can also be triggerred with nostalgia especially when meeting old friends.